Jägerndorf  (now Krnov)
Kreis Troppau, Austrian Silesia
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Jaegerndorf Overview of Jägerndorf, circa 1885
Main Square in 1885 Jägerndorf Burgberg, Overlooking 1885 Jägerndorf

Map of Jägerndorf
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Map dates from 1929. It covers an area of approximately 2.9 by 1.9 km (1.8 by 1.2 US miles).

Map image was adapted from Austrian 75K series, sheet 3959

Related Families in Jägerndorf

The following table shows which of the individuals included in this web site are connected to Jägerndorf and over what time span they are found here.

SurnameGiven names and the range of dates the person was found associated with Jägerndorf
 Bremmer  Klara1787
 Cronns  Elisabeth1774
 Czerner / Tscherner  Maria Anna1821-1877
 Kolbe / Kolb  Albertine Marie Sofie1888; Emil1887-1888; Maria Magdalena Carolina1880-1882; Rudolph1887
 Kröphnir  Adam1744; Anna Susana1744-1753
 Kühnel  Johanna Paulina Dorothea1883-1885
 Küpest  Anton1824; Theresia1824-1859
 Moritz  Anna Maria Rosalina Elisabeth1784-1791; Anna Rosaline1797; Anna Theresia Zezilia1787-1821; Anton Johann Joseph1791; Anton Paden Florian1801; Bartholomeus Hieronimus Liborius1763-1805; Beata1755; Beata Renata1752; Carl Joseph1747-1824; Cornelius1750; Johann Nepom1795; Johann Thadeus1744-1774; Joseph Anton Florian1789; Karl Franz Anton1794; Karl Joseph1792; Libor1760-1814; Liebory1754; Maria Elisabeth1746; Maria Magdalena1799-1803; Maria Susanna1804; Thadeus1744-1776
 Nather  Hedwig1769-1783
 Petzold  Klara1825
 Rössler  Eleonora1806-1852
 Schenk/Schenke/Schänk(e)/Schank  Albert1824-1885; Albert Florian1852-1882; Andreas Mathias Joseph1780-1851; Anna1814; Anton Franz1807; Edmund Gabriel1826; Ernst Andreas1822; Eva Maria Elizabeth1778-1802; Franz Anton1817-1822; Franz Anton1783; Franz Anton1800-1802; Georg Philipp1773; Hedwig Theresia1859; Johann Ferdinand1806; Johann Ferdinand1809; Johann Georg1766-1783; Johann Georg Leopold1769-1772; Josefa Karolina1853-1854; Karl Albert1819-1863; Ludwig1857-1866; Maria Klara1811-1812; Maria Theres Veronica1771-1773; Maria Theresia1855; Mathias1775-1778; Wilhelm1851-1856
 Schoelz  Elizabeth1783; Joseph1783
 Seidl  Magdelena1824-1851
 Walter / Walther  Anna1690; Anna Barbara1747; Anna Maria1676; Baltzer1673-1705; Catharina1674; Franz Xavier Georg1766; Johann1728-1800; Johann Anton1759; Johann Anton Joseph1761; Johann Anton Joseph1765; Johann Baltzer1686-1758; Johann Nepomuc Leopold1769; Johann Sebastian1753; Joseph Anton Johann1767-1774; Joseph Benedict1776; Maria Barbara1684; Maria Barbara1700; Maria Theresia Susanna1763-1810; Rosina1679; Rozina1688; Susanna1678; Susanna1682; Thomas1689