Blank/Beise Family Album

This album contains many of the family photographs used in the Blank/Beise Family area of this web site, in approximately chronological order.

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S S America

The S S America brought the Martin Kressin family to America in July, 1868.

Launched in Scotland in 1863, she was the first of several passenger ships to bear the name. She could carry 663 passengers, mostly in immigrant third class, at 11 knots. An 1872 engine upgrade increased her speed to 14 knots. The North German Line sold her off in 1894 to an Itaian line who renamed her 'Orazio'.

John Brand and Caroline Polzin

About April 1874

Hermann & Hattie (Blank) Brandenburg Family

333 3rd Street, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin - About 1888

Hermann Brandenburg and Hattie nee Blank Brandenburg with three of their children: Olga, Jeannie, and Hedwig.

William and Johanna (Erdmann) Riess

About 1890

Studio photograph of William and Hanna Riess taken not long before her death in 1895. This photograph was perhaps taken in Rochester, Minnesota -- the nearest city to their Haverhill, Minnesota home.

Photo courtesy of James Riess.

Martin Kressin

Chippewa Falls, Chippewa County, Wisconsin - About 1890

Photo courtesy of Karen Kressin

Bergmann - Weidtke family

Winona, Winona County, Minnesota - 1900

Front row: Friedrich Wilhelm Bergmann, Ernestine Weidtke Bergmann, August Bergmann (son). Back row: Ida Bergmann Block, Matilda (Tillie) Bergmann Oldenburg, & Wilhelmine Meta (Matie) Runge (their daughters).

Photo courtesy of Marilyn Woodrich.

Berthold Blank Studio Portrait

Klein Küterstraße 3, Treptow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern - About 1912

Onkel Emil, 1913


Lydia Beise Blank and Children

About 1914

Anna, Lydia, Ella, and Fritz Blank

Berthold Blank and Comrade in Ulanen


Berthold Blank in WW-I Ulan Cavalry Uniform

About 1916

Emil Beise in First World War

March 1916

Otto Behl in First World War

About 1917

Heiligegeist Straße

Heiligegeist Straße, Treptow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern - 1949

The Frömming, and earlier, also the Behl family homes were at the far end of the street on the left.

Photo colorized and provided courtesy of Rafal Makowiecki.

Frömming Family

Poetenbsteig, Treptow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern - About 1927

Emilie (Beise) Frömming, son Helmuth, husband Emil Frömming. Section of city wall is behind them.

S. S. Hamburg

The S. S. Hamburg is the ship that broght Ida (Blank) Salchow and her son Alfred to America in 1928. The following year Fritz Blank and the Koski family sailed on the same ship.

She was build in 1926 in Hamburg, Germany, and served a passenger liner until WW-II, when she was requisitioned by the German navy and used as floating accomodations, first in Kiel, later in Danzig and Gotenhafen. In 1945 she was sunk by a mine off of Sassnitz. Refloated in 1950, she was converted into a whale oil factory. She was scrapped in the USSR in the mid-1970s.

Fritz Blank, the Salchows, and the Koskis in America

Milwaukee, Milwaukee Cty, WI - 1929

August Koski, Alfred Salchow, Marie (Salchow) Koski, ?, ?, Ida (Blank) Salchow, and Fritz Blank

Berthold Blank Family

About 1929

Martha Beise Residence

Dancker Straße 34, Den Haag, Netherlands - September 2014

Bertha Sohrweide Beise

Kolberger Vorstadt Park, Treptow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern - About 1928

Martha Beise in Dutch Costume

About 1930

Bertha (Sohrweide) Beise and her Frömming Grandchildren

About 1931

Bertha Friederike Maria (Sohrweide) Beise (seated) with her grandchildren Frieda and Helmuth Frömming

Ida (Frömming) Medenwald

Heiligegeiststraße, am Grützturm, Treptow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern - 6 May 1932

While attending the wedding of Gustav Lemke - Frieda Frömming

Bertha Friederike Maria (Sohrweide) Beise

Heiligegeist Straße 16, Treptow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern - About 1935

Photo take at Otto & Emma Behl's home

Emilie & Emil Frömming

About 1936

Behl Home

Dietrich-Eckart Straße 3, Treptow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern - About 1940

Home of the Otto Behl family from ca 1937 until the end of WW-II. The post-war street name is 'Mariana Buczka'.

Emil Frömming ID Photo

Treptow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern - 7 July 1942

Berthold Blank with Granddaughters in Wohlde

Wohlde, Kreis Schleswig Land, Schleswig Holstein - About 1946

Onkel u. Tante W. Beise mit dem Sohn ihrer Tochter Ilse

September 1946

Lydia Beise Document Photo

About 1946

Tante Emma und Heinz (Behl) -- Der Grosse Unbekannte, Christmas 1949

Schülp bei Nortorf, Kreis Rendsburg, Holstein - December 1949

Tante Emma -- Emma (Beise) Behl, Christmas 1949

Schülp bei Nortorf, Kreis Rendsburg, Holstein - December 1949

Berthold Blank at home in Düsseldorf

Schöndorfstraße 8, Eller, Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen - 1957

Berthold home, with his daughter and granddaughters, for the last year of his life.